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Hello, my name is Michelle, I'm 21 years old and I live in California. I blog about my life and thoughts. This is where all my personal posts go. Thanks for reading! :)


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do you ever stretch and just MAKE THE LOUDEST SEXUAL NOISE EVER

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Day 204

Today, I woke up early to visit Port Orleans- a resort that’s themed like New Orleans square at Disneyland. So, it’s a lot of Southern Charm and jazz music on blast. I love it so much - it’s probably my favorite resort even if it’s considered a “moderate” resort. I’m all about that New Orleans aesthetic. I bought beignets and they were a great deal better than the first batch I bought earlier in my program! I even had leftovers to take with me to my night shift at work - a lovely treat to myself. I had it with a Vanilla latte from Starbucks and it was heaven in the break room. I also bonded with a girl who’s deployed at All-Star because it was such a busy night. It’s nice getting to have reflective conversations about the program. It helps me process things better - especially with someone who just gets it.

Day 203

Yesterday, it was Group 1 presenting their career of choice for my Marketing You class. Basically, they give a 3-4 minute presentation on the specifics of their dream career like job overview, outlook, and applicable skills. It was so cool seeing how people matched themselves with a career that fit their personality/idiosyncrasies. One of my classmates, Isaac, is a business management major but his career of choice is a pastor. Another did hers on marketing - something I’m definitely interested in as it somewhat relates to communications. I got some good pointers on what to do and what not to do for my presentation next week. I’m doing mine on a journalist obviously and I’m so excited to present on something I’m passionate about! It will be great. :) Tomorrow, I will try to set up a meeting with the resort operations/communications team at my resort so I can network a little bit before I leave. My biggest regret is not having the time/resources to meet with the communications team for Walt Disney World at large. After my class, I went to WWOHP with my co-worker. It was awesome because he’s genuinely handicapped so we got an “attractions assistance pass” which is basically a fast pass. (Well, it’s not awesome that he’s handicapped of course.) That means we had only 2 hour wait for Gringotts and a 5-10 minute wait for everything else. I finally had the time to explore the finer details of Diagon Alley and I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I took a bajillion pictures which I will refrain from posting here, but it’s truly gorgeous and charming and well-done. My co-worker really opened up to me yesterday and it felt good to know that I’m someone he could confide in. :)

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Oh my god


Oh my god

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Aasif Mandvi parodies the mentality of studio executives who whitewash, in a satire article for (via racebending)

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